The best places to retire overseas

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The best places to retire overseas

Expats responded to this study and  the results were presented in categories as everyone  has different requirements regarding the ‘perfect’ place to live. Each country is ranked on different topics that include health, real estate, cost of living, etc. As a result, everyone should be able to make an informed choice about which country best meets their needs.

Dominican Republic

What could be better than  life in the Caribbean? Surrounded by turquoise waters and white beaches, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to relax after all those years of work and stress.

Before you move, keep in mind that the crime rates are pretty high and you could face a serious culture shock.  Prepare to be surrounded by tourists all year round.



Mexico is very diverse! Relax on the beach, go mountain biking in the mountains, visit colonial cities and explore the rain forest with its beautiful Mayan ruins.

It’s really affordable to live in Mexico and the real estate isn’t too expensive in Puerto Vallarta, making it one of the best places to retire to. The pleasant climate is warm and sunny during the day, but there are sea breezes that cool you down a bit.  The temperature drops to 24ºC at night.


Thailand is a very popular place to retire. Many pensioners leave their home countries to start a new life in Phuket or Koh Samui or in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. A few reasons for this are the climate, low cost of living, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Another reason why Thailand is popular among expats is the health care. The country is well known by medical tourists and the prices can be 20% to 80% lower than treatment in western countries.


Belize is well known for its tax free living. The prices are high but if you buy local produce from local stores, it’s more affordable than the western world. The country attract investors and retirees due to its beautiful beaches, lively bars and trendy restaurants. Furthermore, you can enjoy cultural heritage such as  Mayan ruins amongst rain forest and waterfalls.

Belize has a special program for retirees which is called Belize’s QRP program. There are some requirements but it could be your passport to a beautiful life in Belize.


If you want to live in a country with a strong economy, a tropical lifestyle and colonial towns, Panama is the perfect place for you. It’s known for its retirement options and for being a banking haven. Besides this, it’s one of the fastest growing countries in the world and the fastest growing economy in the region.

The cost of living in Panama isn’t particularly expensive, although real estate prices are rising. The prices really depend on where you want to live – if you want to buy an apartment with sea view you pay around $1500 dollars a month but an apartment in Panama City will only cost in the region of $600 dollars a month.


Portugal offers a lot of residency programs and attracts people with its beaches, architecture and landscapes. The cost of living in Portugal is amongst the cheapest in Europe at around 30% lower than in other parts of the EU.

One of the most popular places to live in Portugal is the Algarve Region in the south of Portugal, characterized by its abundance of almond, fig and olive trees.

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