Real Estate Scheme (RES) Mauritius

real estate mauritius

Real Estate Scheme (RES) Mauritius

  The project property size must be between 1 Arpent (about 1 acre) and 10 Hectares
•    Must be freehold land - this rules out any beach front property that is usually government owned and leased.
•    The scheme must offer commercial and leisure amenities in addition to residential.
•    The scheme must provide day to day support services such as solid waste disposal, security, maintenance, gardening and household services
•    Only small land owners who have owned the land for at least 5 years may apply for an RES permit.  This land owner should not own more than 10 hectares in total in Mauritius.
•    Individual sites should not exceed 1.25 arpents (about 1.25 acres).
•    There is no minimum investment value (IRS has a minimum of USD 500 000)
•    Payment for purchases off-plan shall be in installments according to construction progress.
•    The first purchaser pays registration duty of $25 000.
•    Re-sales require the purchaser to pay land transfer tax of 5% on the property value plus the registration duty of $25,000.


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