You can choose between different house plans 1 to 3 bedrooms and sleeping areas ranging from 68 m2 to 190 m2.
Private gardens

The ubiquitous orange trees provides a natural cheerfulness and energy in the village.

The constant presence of water, natural and great line of landscape design, extends into the gardens in your private pool, where you can choose the size at the time of purchase

When booking your villa, you sign a sales contract with the developer. When signing the contract, a specification for defining all the services and finishes will be provided.

Once the contract is signed, the developer tells you step by step the progress of work and sends you As calls for funds under the terms of the booking contract.

On delivery of the villa and the permit to live, the transfer of ownership is done by signing the final contract.

Notary fees consist primarily of taxes collected by the notary on behalf of the State, namely:

Registration fees: 4%
Conservation land rights: 1% + 150 MAD (about € 13.5)
Registration fee of mortgage (if the buyer applies for a bank loan): 1%
Miscellaneous costs (stamps ...): 1000 MAD (about € 90)

To these taxes are added the notary fees, ie 0.75% of the selling price.


1st possibility: available funds

You have funds that you transfer to progressively transfer by SWIFT to fundraising on behalf of the developer, a payment for each deposit receipt is sent.

Option 2: Bank credit

You can consider financing your purchase through a credit contacted in your country of origin or from a bank in Morocco, or any other private financing package. Consult

object Financing

Plan Changes

Foreign investors in the real estate field have a convertibility system that guarantees them:

Transfer, outside Morocco, revenues from the sale of real estate and net rental income (after tax) without limit in time and the amount of revenue generated by the investment;
The transfer, except Morocco, the net capital gain from the disposal of real property;
The total exemption from property profit on disposal of purpose building principal residence for 10 years;
The partial exemption from property profit on disposal of a building occupied as a principal residence between 5 and 10 years;
The lack of inheritance rights.

To settle in Morocco

Morocco, especially the south, it is the sun 300 days a year and mild temperatures throughout the year. Thanks to its climate, its hospitality, friendliness and its tax breaks, Morocco has become one of the favorite destinations of francophones.

Morocco is a stable, secure and modern country where French is widely spoken and guarantees you the comfort you are used to. The cost of living is lower than in Europe, you can enjoy more leisure activities, outings and other discoveries ...

Morocco is close to Europe, which is a 3 hour flight from Agadir and Marrakech.

Morocco offers health guarantees, with modern health infrastructure and competent doctors. The French Consulate in Agadir offers its citizens a list of medical institutions, clinics and physicians.


Anyone who has a Moroccan or foreign pension benefits from a reduction of 55% on taxable gross amount of his pension.

Any holder of a retirement pension has access to a reduction of up to 80% * of the amount of tax under the pension.

Two requirements to qualify for this reduction: to have his habitual residence in Morocco - outright transfer this pension to Morocco into an account in non-convertible dirhams.

if you are interested and have more information


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