Discover our financial investments in the World

investments in the World

Discover our financial investments in the World

FINANCIAL PLACEMENT Kempten - Returns - Security - Flexibility

VIVAT Multitalent AG - D-87437 Kempten - Germany
Yield - Security - Flexibility

Diversify your investments by subscribing in German Real Estate
                                  Projectsto big returns and redemption of credits.

- Multitalent has a yield of 5% to 10%
- Performance Commitments Held Since Inception
- Concept that has proved its worth since 2005
- Exceptional income for capital saving
- Suitable for all investment volumes
- Investment in NPL's growing market

Products: no subscription and management fees

- Multitalent BASIC: Loan Savings, from 50 € per month on 7-12-18-25 years
                                Annual interest 5 - 6 - 7 - 8% - Paid at maturity of the loan.

- Multitalent PRESTIGE : Participatory loan, from 1'000 € over 5 full calendar years
                                         Interest 6 % annual, paid on 30/06 and 31/12.

- Multitalent EXCLUSIV : Participatory loan, from 50'000 € over 5 full calendar years
                                          Interest 8 % annual, paid on quarterly.

- Multitalent BOND : Bon au Porteur, 100'000 or 120'000 €, over 5 full calendar years
                                 Interest 8 % annual, paid on 30/06 and 31/12.

- Multitalent PRIME : Subordinated loan, starting from 200'000 € over 5 full years
                                  Interest 10 % annual, paid quarterly.


Gold Financial Investments Dubai Investments and Investments from 10,000 €

A range of products to develop and optimize your wealth.
Net annual returns, greater than 10% ...

Diversify your investments by subscribing in physical gold trading, investment with yield, 5 to 7% net over 6 months.
Minimum capital € uros 10'000 per contract.

Customer returns:

5% per € uros contract 10'000 to 20'000
5.5% per € uros contract 20'000 to 50'000
6% per contract of € uros 50'000 to 100'000
7% per contract of € uros 100'000 and more ...
Special conditions from € uros 1'000'000

Duration of contract: 180 days, with possibility of renewal at maturity.



The "LAND TRADE FUND" is an investment in CAPITAL with profitability paid monthly and guarantee of the capital.

This product is intended for people wishing to position themselves as investors on subdivision land transactions.
The complete cycle of an operation of this type normally takes from 3 to 5 years.
By investing in CAPITAL INVESTMENT throught the "LAND TRADE FUND", the minimum duration of the investment is 12 months and the returns from 13% to 20% per year.

At maturity, the investor is guaranteed to repayment of 100% of the invested capital more bounds that will have been paid throughout the duration of the investment.

Our fund participates in the structuring, development and financing of various economic activities in various sectors (Real Estate, Industrial, Commercial ...) through a simple strategy to convert and recycle a mortgage guarantee in the form of land, in action or the obligation of projects with high recovery potential, in a sectoral environment allowing the growth of the target company while reducing the cycle of profitability.

The investor has the possibility either to leave his funds in Switzerland or to deposit them outside Europe. We take care of transfers.

The investor will be able to apply for a Visa or Mastercard to withdraw dividends from this investment from anywhere in the world.

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT IN BRAZIL - 17% of annual profitability

The "LAND TRADE FUND" is an investment in PRIVATE EQUITY with profitability paid monthly and protects from the capital.

This product is intended for the investors wishing to position it as financier on land operations of urban lot. The complete cycle of an operation of this type goes normally from 3 to 5 years, by investing  in PRIVATE EQUITY via the bottom " LAND TRADE FUND " the minimal duration of the investment is of 12 months and the profitabilities going from 13 % to 20 % p.a are payable in monthly coupon. When due the investor to the guarantee of the refund of 100 % of the invested capital + The profitabilities  which will have been paid during all the duration of the investment. The investor can request a credit card Aimed or MasterCard to remove dividends of this investment since any place of the world.

We have financial investments in New York USA with a 7% guaranteed annual return


There are over 600,000 students in the Universities of New York , divided into more than 110 academic institutions, Undergraduate School ( 1st to 4th year after the baccalaureate , called High School Diploma ) and Graduate School ( from the 5th year of university after the baccalaureate ) . The main universities in New York are Columbia University , New York University, Fordham University, Saint John's University, Pace University, City University of New York, Baruch College , John Jay College of Criminal Justice , Brooklyn College , Queens College , State University of New York, New School, New York Academy of Art, Julliard School, Lehman College, New York Law School, Yeshiva Unviersity , etc. .

Other institutions and universities around New York, also send some of their students seek housing in New York: Adelphi University , Hoftsra University, Stony Brook University, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, etc. .

Students in American universities have a strong purchasing power. The only fees are $ 40,000 per student for each year of study . To this must be added the purchase of books and supplies, food, outings, etc. . the annual budget of the students is generally $ 100,000. A significant portion of this budget is spent on housing .

The major universities in New York offer some student residences , their capabilities are limited to 10 % or 20% of the needs of students. When they find the place students are housed in universities in dormitories . This is why they prefer to off-campus student residences which are integrated into the urban fabric of the city.




Our student residences are located in the heart of Manhattan, all in close proximity to several subway lines express that allow students to meet at any place in Manhattan in less than 15-20 minutes. We prefer small -sized units to 20-50 students. Our company buys medium-sized buildings in Manhattan. We renovate and put the legal standards in terms of planning and construction , safety , and regulations of the city.

We furnish these homes with every comfort: beds, desks , flat screen TV , cable TV 300 channels Time Warner , WI FI , etc. . Rooms for 2-3 students are rented furnished. There is a very large bathroom for two rooms . A common kitchen for meals and a living room / lounge . Everything is included : electricity, cable tv, etc. . cleaning of parts commuted , bathrooms and the kitchen is done twice a week by a qualified service personnel. Maintenance of the building is provided by our contractors and craftsmen.

We manage our student residences with daily care , which guarantees investors the seriousness of the company .


OUR PRODUCT investissment

Investors choose to invest the following amounts :

· $ 500,000

· $ 1,000,000

· $ 1,500,000

· $ 2,000,000

The investment pays 10% net per annum , guaranteed. Payable to each maturity of 12 months.

The investment is blocked for a period of 3 years, renewable every 2 years. Six months before every term, the investor indicates whether or not wish to renew its investment. If he does not wish to renew , the investor receives his capital invested at the end of the agreed period of investment. If he wishes to renew its investment, it is extended for a period of 2 years.

The funds are invested by the investor loaned to the Company , an LLC , Limited Liability Company registered in the State of New York, who becomes the owner of a building in Manhattan student residences.

The investor holds a certificate of loan to the LLC; This loan is secured by collateral or mortgage security called Mortgage


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